Zinc Glycinate Chelate 30 mg Supplement (120 Capsules) TRAACS Chelated Bisglycinate Zinc, Vitamin B6 & BioPerine - Zinc Supplements for Immune Support, Prostate Health, Acne & Metabolism*

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  • OPTIMAL ZINC BIOAVAILABILITY: Chelated Zinc Glycinate by Smoky Mountain Nutrition uses the patented TRAACS delivery system to bind this essential mineral to amino acids for thorough absorption. Each serving contains net 30mg of elemental Zinc, with BioPerine and Vitamin B-6 added to make this the most absorbable Zinc available.
  • COLD SUPPORT: Studies indicate that Zinc is critical for supporting overall immune function, which can help the body prevent common colds.* Every bottle of Chelated Zinc Glycinate contains a 4-month supply.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: Chelated Zinc Glycinate is Third-Party Tested, Non-GMO, Certified Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and formulated without the top 8 allergens.
  • WIDE-RANGING BENEFITS: Zinc is known best for its immune-supporting attributes, but this essential mineral has even more to offer.* Supplementing with a Zinc vitamin may support: skin health, hormone balance, heart and blood pressure health, digestive function, liver health, healing, and much more.*
  • THE SMNUTRITION DIFFERENCE: Chelated Zinc Glycinate is manufactured in an FDA registered and inspected facility that is certified GMP compliant with NSF standards. And every purchase from Smoky Mountain Nutrition is backed by our complete satisfaction promise.

Product Description

Zinc is an essential mineral that our bodies use for a variety of functions. While zinc is popular for prevention/reduction of the common cold, restoring levels of zinc offers a great number of health benefits. And Chelated Zinc Glycinate by Smoky Mountain Nutrition is the ultimate Zinc supplement, with the greatest bioavailability possible. Each capsule contains 30mg of chelated Zinc, and 10 mg of Vitamin B-6, and every bottle contains a 4-month supply.

Zinc: The Immune Support Mineral*

Research suggests that Zinc significantly supports overall immune function, which may help support the body's ability to prevent common colds.* One of the benefits of Zinc for combating colds comes from its ability to reduce the buildup of bacteria and mucus in the nasal passages.*

There’s a reason that Zinc is one of the most popular supplements for supporting the immune system, common cold prevention.* Give yourself an edge with regular supplementation of this essential immune function trace mineral.* And the benefits of Zinc supplementation don't stop there...*

Wide-Ranging Benefits*

Zinc has a lot to offer. This trace mineral is used by every tissue of our bodies, is the second most abundant trace mineral in the body, and helps to stimulate the activity of over 100 different enzymes.

Because Zinc serves so many different purposes in our bodies, supplementing Zinc can support:

  • Skin Health*
  • Wound Healing*
  • Hormone Balance*
  • Heart/Blood Vessel Health*
  • Liver Health*
  • Muscle Growth/Repair & much more*

Zinc is also suggested by research to be an antioxidant that is important for eliminating free radicals in the body, and the oxidative stress that they bring.*

Chelated for Superior Absorption

The amazing health benefits of Zinc won’t matter if it is not properly absorbed. That’s why Chelated Zinc Glycinate by Smoky Mountain Nutrition is designed to be the most absorbable, bioavailable Zinc supplement available.*

We use the patented TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) to attach Zinc to Glycinate amino acids, making it a more stable and water-soluble product that is more easily absorbable. Chelated Zinc Glycinate also contains Vitamin B6 for its ability to support Zinc absorption.* This is truly the most refined, and impactful Zinc supplement available.* You have choices in supplementation. Why not go with the Zinc supplement that your body can truly utilize for big results?

Featuring Bioperine

Everything about Chelated Zinc Glycinate is designed to make this Zinc supplement easy for the body to utilize.

That’s why we’ve included Bioperine, the black pepper derivative that has been shown to maximize B6 absorption.*

The Highest Quality

Zinc Glycinate by Smoky Mountain Nutrition is Third-Party Tested, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Certified, Vegetarian, and formulated without the top 8 allergens. Your bottle is safety-sealed, and our process is designed to give you complete confidence.


FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Made The Right Way

Every product from SM Nutrition must meet our uncompromising standards.

Zinc Glycinate is manufactured in an FDA registered and inspected facility that is certified GMP compliant with NSF standards. Making supplements the right way ensures you get the best every time.