Vitamin K2 MK7 with D3 Supplement for Strong Bones & Healthy Heart - Premium Vitamin D & K Complex - 5000 IU of Vitamin D 3 & 100 mcg of MenaQ7 Vitamin K 2 MK-7-60 Small Vegan Capsules

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  • ★ A MATCH MADE IN VITAMIN HEAVEN - Vitamin K2 and D3 have always been a destined duo. Vitamin D requires K2 to unlock its full potential, and when taken together, they work harmoniously to deliver you maximum benefits. Simply a match made in vitamin heaven.
  • ★ STRONGER & HEALTHIER BONES - Your bones are the foundation of your body, and a stronger foundation means a better built you. Vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption, but that’s only half the battle - excessive calcium intake can be harmful to the body… fortunately, studies show that MenaQ7 (K2) improves bone mineral density & strength by guiding calcium to where it belongs and away from areas where it shouldn’t be, such as your arteries and soft tissues. Truly a dynamic duo.
  • ★ THE SUPERIOR K2+D3 CHOICE - When it comes to the health of our family and friends, there’s no room for compromise. MenaQ7 is the only MK7 featured in an extensive 3-year clinical study - and the only form good enough for our customers. We believe in using the good stuff - premium quality, vegan, natural, and backed by research - so that you can reap the maximum heart & bone benefits these incredible nutrients have to offer.
  • ★ D3 WITHOUT THE RISKS OF SUN - Vitamin D is often called the "sunshine vitamin" since it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. For many of us, getting enough sunlight is challenging, and we’ve all heard about the risks of direct sunlight exposure...well, fear not! Exciting research shows that D3 delivers the same biologically active form of Vitamin D produced from direct sunlight, without the risk of unprotected UV ray exposure. Stay safe and shine on, friends.
  • ★ 100% PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS - All natural vegan Vitamin D3 from Lichen and MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 from Chickpea encapsulated in a Non-GMO veggie capsule. Zero animal ingredients such as Lanolin and Bovine. Just take one small, easy-to-swallow convenient capsule of K2+D3 per day to reap all the benefits that these essential vitamins have to offer.

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