Vitalifi Detoxifi Liver Detox Supplement & Estrogen Blocker- DIM Detox & Hormone Balance for Women & Men with 7 Rigorously Studied, Vegan Approved, Soy Free & Non-GMO Ingredients- Brain Fog Supplement

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  • POWERFUL 2-PHASE LIVER CLEANSE DETOX: Phase 1 is a DIM Detox process with the help of Choline and Biotin. The liver detox process is carried out by breaking up the toxins into little pieces. In the phase 2, with support from ingredients likeTurmeric, Milk thistle, L-Glycine, Calcium-D-glucarate, L-methionine and Alpha lipoic acid, the toxins and xenoestrogens are flushed out of your body to complete the DIM Detox process and bring about hormonal balance.
  • HORMONE BALANCE FOR WOMEN & MEN: Our estrogen blocker supplement protects you from the environmental onslaught of hormonal disruptors, helping the body return to working the way it’s supposed to, by improving bloating, irregular periods, mood swings and more, and supporting sharper memory, deep rejuvenating sleep and healthier skin.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED, POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: All the seven toxin-flushing non-GMO nutrients and the 2 DIM amplifiers- Biotin & Choline have been rigorously studied & have not been shown to have any side-effects or interaction risks. These ingredients have been clinically proven to bring hormone balance for women and men by attacking the hormone disruptors ravaging your body, and aid your liver in flushing these xenoestrogens out of your system.
  • THIRD PARTY INSPECTED: Every capsule of Detoxifi is meticulously crafted to sky-high standards, and all bottles undergo a thorough third-party inspection before they ship out to you. Detoxifi liver Detox and estrogen blocker supplement is vegan-approved, gluten-free, soy-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: If you’re like most customers, you’ll feel the Detoxifi difference within weeks (if not sooner). Every purchase of Detoxifi liver Detox and estrogen blocker is guaranteed for life. Simply give Detoxifi a try, and if you decide that it’s not right for you, contact us for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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