Plus White 5 Minute Premier Speed Whitening Gel, 0.50 Ounce

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  • The active ingredients in Plus White Whitening Gel are used by dentists and are designed to remove stains and gently whiten natural tooth enamel
  • Plus White contains fluoride to protect against cavities and active ingredients to help remove plaque which can lead to tartar build up
  • The product is designed to whiten all the nooks and crannies that make up your beautiful smile beginning on first application. Now that’s full coverage whitening
  • For a whiter smile in just 5 minutes
  • Full coverage whitening at a resonable cost

Size:0.50 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Get your teeth WHITE and keep them that way Plus White has built its heritage on creating whiter and brighter smiles and continues to research and grow as a brand in the whitening category. Plus White offers the most economical and efficient systems and gels for full-coverage whitening. Consumers can expect the highest level of expertise and standards as we continually deliver on a great products and affordability.