Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Head, Vitamin C Hand Shower, Removes Residual Chlorine & Fine Pollutants, High Pressure, Ion Shower, Water Saving, Silky Water Spray

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  • REMOVES CHLORINE - Did you know there are potential risk factors while you taking a shower with chlorinated tap water? Chlorine reaction may include itchy, red skin, irritation, drying skin and hair damage. Vitamin C infused shower water with equivalent to 600 oranges removes residual Chlorine and Chloramines upto 99.9% from your shower water.
  • HIGH PRESSURE & WATER SAVING – This shower head provide water saving effect of 40~60% (Moolmang: 1. 6 gallons per minute / Other: Over 2.5 gallons per minute) while increasing water pressure with silky water spray.
  • NATURAL ION SHOWER – Specialized shower plate makes the showerhead to release over 400,000 natural negative ions per 1 cc of water so that you can enjoy natural waterfall shower with silky water spray.
  • REMOVE FINE POLLUTANS - This hand shower has micro fabric filter cartridge to remove fine pollutants in water so that you can enjoy clean shower water.
  • SMALLER WATER CLUSTER – Specialized DOLKI ceramic ball at the bottom of shower handle makes water cluster smaller by its natural porosity structure and rotation movement so that you can enjoy soft shower water