Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels + 2 DIY Mouth Trays Shade Guide 25 Treatments Full At Home Tooth Bleaching Set Professional Dentist Grade Enamel Safe Whitener

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  • COMPLETE AT HOME TEETH WHITENING SOLUTION - Our gel will start making a difference in just a few minutes.
  • Enough gel for 25 at home treatments.
  • SIMPLE and CONVENIENT - Form the trays to fit your teeth in a few minutes and just add gel for a simple and convenient smile make over. You will start noticing results after the very first treatment.
  • REMOVES COFFEE, FOOD, AND DRINK STAINS - Get rid of those ugly stains for a bright smile.
  • GREAT VALUE - Five (5) Large 5ml High Quality Gel Tubes (25 treatments) - Two (2) DIY Mouth Trays (1 Set) - Instructions Manual - Shade Guide (to keep track of progress)

Lumeeno At Home Teeth Whitening Kit: Complete Set with Enough Gel for 25 Treatments


Our kit comes with 5 large syringes of gel (25ml - enough for 25 treatments).

Moldable trays -  Shade guide - Detailed Instructions - ALL INCLUDED

SIMPLE: Our easy to follow instructions will show you how to customize your trays in just a few minutes. Add the gel and you will start seeing results in less than 15 minutes.

EFFECTIVE: Using our professional strength 44% Carbamide Peroxide gel, you will remove soda, food, coffee, and tea stains.

FAST RESULTS: Our teeth whitening gel starts working as soon as it touches your teeth. You will start noticing results after your first session. Best results come after a few sessions.  Our tooth whitening kit gets your teeth whiter in less time (in just 15 minutes) with almost no mess.


Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit provides the most effective whitening power to remove teeth stains,,

If you are not happy with our teeth whitening kit for any reason, please ask for a FULL REFUND.