Life Extension Circadian Sleep, 30 Liquid Capsules

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  • Promotes healthy circadian rhythms
  • Supports healthy sleep-wake cycles
  • Provides hormone & blood pressure support
  • Helps regulate liver & pancreatic function
  • Contains melatonin & Nobiletin citrus extract

Size:30 Count (Pack of 1)

You've probably heard of circadian rhythms - they're best-known for regulating your sleep-wake cycles. In addition to the central circadian clock that regulates sleep, you also have peripheral circadian rhythms that govern essential biological processes like hormone release, blood pressure health, liver and pancreatic function, and more. But age, hectic modern lifestyles, and other factors can disrupt all of your circadian clocks - which can affect your health. Our NEW Circadian Sleep formula combines melatonin with a unique citrus-peel extract to encourage healthy function of both central and peripheral circadian clocks. MicroActive melatonin promotes optimal sleep cycles, and Nobiletin from young citrus peel supports healthy expression of genes that govern your peripheral circadian rhythms. Restore healthy, whole-body circadian rhythms and functions with our NEW Circadian Sleep formula!