Four 10mL Syringes SenAllis Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Gel, 40mL 35% Gel Syringes, Fast & More Effective Than Teeth Whitening Strips, Refills Gel Compatible With Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • Huge 10mL Syringes that will last you 5x longer than other brands sold on Amazon
  • Fast, Effective, Easy, Whitening Gel that is compatible with teeth whitening kits, and all other private label brands. More Effective and larger cost savings than whitening strips
  • ver 70 Applications of Whitening Gel, 20x the amount of gel in a single versus a whitening strip
  • Tooth Whitening Gel Manufacturered directly within the USA. Don't settle for cheap Chinese immitations that have been sitting in a warehouse for months
  • Gets rid of stubborn enamel/tooth stains, simply apply to the teeth whitening gel to a tray, or to your toothbrush


Ready to feel the full effects from SenAllis Cosmetics RapidEffects teeth whitening gel?

Fast, Effective Teeth Whitening Gel that will save you money over the long run, ditch the teeth whitening strips, and forget the expensive name brand, and private label sellers on Amazon who mark up the price way above retail value. We provide you with the only part that is essential to whitening your teeth, the gel.


Don't use whitening strips, ever, period.

Teeth Whitening strips are a complete waste of your money, let's use this analogy, think about the epoxy on the back of a sticker, versus a small container full of epoxy. If you had the option of being charged $40.00 for a sticker, or you could make your own stickers for $10.00, and make 50x more, we think you already get what we're saying. Our teeth whitening gel provides a 30:1 ratio, that means for every pair of whitening strips you use, you could get the equivalent of 30 treatments from a single syringe of our gel.


Well wait, don't I need teeth whitening trays?

Sure, you could get teeth whitening trays, it would improve your teeth whitening dramatically, however for the best results you want to get hard plastic trays. BUT WAIT! Our gel is sticky, and will stay on your teeth just like a whitening strip, so your STILL getting better results from our teeth whitening gel than you would EVER get from whitening strips.


Will this teeth whitening gel work with my hiSmile kit?

Your hiSmile teeth whitening kit's gel won't last you more than 5 sessions, sad, but true. hiSmile only gives you SMALL 3mL syringes, we give you LARGE 10mL syringes, forget the hype marketing that they've used to pull you in to buy their over priced products, get real results, get a real months supply worth of gel, and save yourself money!


Do I need one of those weird teeth whitening lights?

No, that teeth whitening light does absolutely NOTHING for your teeth. The one's at your dentist's office are actually useful because they help to break down the teeth whitening gel which releases the oxidative power, or rather the component in the gel that whitens your teeth.


How to use our gel?

Our gel can be easily applied to your pre-existing teeth whitening trays, or simply use our gel like a toothpaste and brush with it.