Elderberry Gummies with Vitaminc C, Propolis, Echinacea. Max Strength 200MG - Sambucus Immune Support for Adults & Kids | Raspberry - 70 Count

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  • 70 CHEWABLE CHILD & ADULT GUMMIES - These BeLive elderberry gummies for kids and adults provide a natural source of vitamins, powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory compounds to strengthen immune system.
  • WITH THE ADDED BENEFITS OF PROPOLIS, ECHINACEA & VITAMIN C – We’ve added pure Echinacea, Propolis, & Vitamin C, all effective in boosting the immune system to our adult and kids’ elderberry gummies to make them even better for you.
  • RASPBERRY FLAVOR - The easy way to take a daily dose of prevention and goodness, our elderberry supplement is suitable for everyone and has a delicious natural raspberry flavor with no artificial colors or additives.
  • VEGETARIAN NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT – BeLive does not use gelatin or any animal products in the making of our sambucus elderberry gummies, and all of our dietary supplements are made in a kosher & halal certified facility.
  • GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Made in an GMP approved facility.

Product Description

BeLive Elderberry Gummies For Children, Women & Men


  • BeLive's Elderberry Gummies has a superior blend of the best immune-boosting ingredients. We are confident with our strength, potency, and quality to help you and your loved ones sustain a healthier immune system.
  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, Elderberry has been used in Europe for centuries to improve immune function.


Elderberry is very well-known in used to boost immune functions due to its high potency of antioxidants. It is one of the best remedy!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient and important antioxidant that helps to bolster the immune system and protect cells from free radical damage.

Propolis Extract

Bee propolis has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and have been used for decades in India.

Echinacea Extract

Echinacea is a coneflower used to make herb from its leaves, flowers, and roots. Echinacea herb has been shown to boost immune health.


  • Immune Support
  • Herbal Strength
  • Children Friendly

Elderberry Gummies

The Only Elderberry Gummy with Added Vitamin C, Propolis & Echinacea

  • We believe that chewable supplements are the best way to top up your diet with the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to stay fit and healthy. Not only are they suitable for all the family to take.
  • We are also different from other gummies vitamins that use gelatin or preservatives in their products. We use a vegan-friendly pectin base, sourced from fruits to offer a healthy alternative to ordinary supplements.
What is it? Apple cider vinegar, Chromium, Magnesium, Melatonin Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin Iron + Multi-vitamins 5 Billion CFU Probiotic for Digestion & Immunity Inulin and Chicory Root Fiber Turmeric + Black Pepper + Ginger
Vegetarian Friendly
Benefits Weight Management + Sleep Aid Hair Growth Iron Support Digestion Digestion Inflammation
Sugar Free