Dr Tobias Thyroid Support - Herbs & Vitamin Supplement (60 Count)

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  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY THYROID FUNCTION: Formulated with a powerful blend of herbs and vitamins to support healthy thyroid function.
  • CONTAINS TYROSINE AND IODINE: Tyrosine and iodine work together to help produce thyroid hormones in your body.
  • ONE-MONTH SUPPLY: 60 capsules per bottle.
  • QUALITY ENSURED: Made from non-GMO ingredients in an inspected GMP-certified facility.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED FACILITY: For product purity, effectiveness, ingredient safety, nutritional value & label accuracy. The highest standard guaranteed.

Product Description

Our thyroid gland produces and releases hormones. It plays a major role in regulating our body's vital functions.

Our Thyroid Support does exactly what the name says, supports healthy thyroid function. It's formulated with a powerful blend of herbs and vitamins that work together to help your thyroid produce hormones and support energy levels.

All of the ingredients are non-GMO so you get the full benefits of a premium quality thyroid support supplement with no genetic modifications.

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