Dr Tobias Lung Health - Lung Cleanse & Detox for Respiratory Support (60 Count)

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  • ADVANCED RESPIRATORY SUPPORT: Formulated with vitamins, enzymes & herbs for respiratory support.
  • LUNG CLEANSE & DETOX: Cleanses and supports your bronchial system.
  • BREATHE EASY: Helps you breathe comfortably all year round.
  • QUALITY ENSURED: Made from non-GMO ingredients in an inspected GMP-certified facility.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED FACILITY: For product purity, effectiveness, ingredient safety, nutritional value & label accuracy. The highest standard guaranteed.

Product Description

Respiratory health is extremely important to overall health and well-being. That's why we developed Lung Health, to help support your lungs in the best way possible.

Each capsule contains 10 active non-GMO ingredients including Vitamin C, K-2, and a variety of herbs and enzymes. These ingredients work together to support your lungs and bronchial airway so you can breathe comfortably year-round.

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