DIM Supplement 200mg - DIM Diindolylmethane Plus BioPerine 60-Day Supply of DIM for Estrogen Balance, Hormone Menopause Relief, Acne Treatment, PCOS, Bodybuilding

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  • THE ELITE DIM SUPPLEMENT FOR A REASON - The only Non GMO Project Verified, Vegan.org Certified and Certified Gluten Free DIM supplement available; That's why our DIM plus BioPerine is the top Menopause Supplement and Women's Health Product
  • DIM, A REVOLUTION IN HORMONE BALANCE - DIM supplements aid in hormone balance by supporting the body’s metabolism of excess estrogen; For women, Diindolylmethane supports during menopause, PCOS, night sweats, hot flashes, weight loss and hormonal acne
  • DIM IS A MUST HAVE FOR MEN TOO - For men, DIM may help reduce excess estrogen and aid with physical fitness, prostate health, gynecomastia, energy, and weight loss; As an estrogen blocker, DIM supplements are a powerful aromatase inhibitor
  • EVERYTHING IN ONE SMALL CAPSULE - A single bottle of DIM contains 2 months of once a day servings in small vegetable capsules; Other DIM products require multiple capsules; Not ours; Each pill is packed with 200mg of DIM plus 2.5mg of BioPerine
  • UNQUESTIONED QUALITY - Third Party Tested, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO, Soy Free, Dairy Free, and Cruelty Free; Manufactured in an FDA-Registered facility that adheres to GMP guidelines.

Product Description

DIM (Diindolyl-methane) is a dynamic DIM supplement that supports the body’s estrogen balance*. DIM supplements provide support for women for menopause, PCOS, acne, weight loss, and skincare*. It also provides support for men as an aromatase inhibitor and estrogen blocker- aiding in weight loss, lean body mass, and prostate health*. DIM by SMNutrition is the only Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan.org Certified, and Certified Gluten-Free DIM supplement on the market. This is the top-selling Aromatase Inhibitor, Bodybuilding Supplement, Women’s Health Product, and Menopause Supplement on the market.

Manage Excess Estrogen with the #1 DIM Supplement*

Excess estrogen levels lead to hormone imbalances that can wreak havoc on your physical and mental state. DIM (Diindolyl-methane) is a powerful aromatase inhibitor that's also found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and supports the body’s estrogen metabolism, effectively restoring balance*.

DIM is one of the most dynamic hormone balance supplements available*, and at SMN, we make it the right way.

DIM plus BioPerine is the only Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan.org Certified, and Certified Gluten-Free DIM supplement on the market. We never use artificial preservatives like magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide, and our supplement is third-party tested by one of the top ISO 17025 labs in the world, Intertek. In addition to testing for every ingredient, our DIM supplement is also tested for heavy metals, soy, gluten, dairy, mold, and yeast. We go to these great lengths to ensure you get the same product every time.

Benefits For Women

Estrogen is essential for women’s health, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t suffer side effects of having too much of it. In fact, potent estrogen excess is to blame for many of the most common hormone-related difficulties that women experience throughout every stage of life.

Your body is already really smart. By supporting your natural hormone metabolism, DIM allows you to regulate potent estrogen without ever worrying about decreasing your levels beyond what they should be*. DIM provides hormone support for hundreds of thousands of women seeking help with:

  • Menopause Relief*
  • PCOS*
  • Hormonal Acne*
  • Estrogen Dominance*
  • Mood Swings*
  • Weight Loss*

Benefits For Men

Metabolizing excess potent estrogen with DIM may also produce fantastic results for men. In our modern world, it's common for men to experience elevated estrogen levels due to environmental factors like chemical byproducts. Too much estrogen has a variety of undesired impacts. Luckily, DIM is an aromatase inhibitor and may provide support for men for:

  • The body’s estrogen metabolism that may bring elevated estrogen levels back into line, thus functioning as a testosterone booster*.
  • Athleticism; reach your bodybuilding goals and improve the fitness results achieved through diet and exercise*.
  • Shedding the extra body fat caused by elevated estrogen levels. May also help with gynecomastia*.
  • Prostate health by acting as an estrogen blocker*.

DIM For Acne

One of the most exciting features of DIM is that it may provide support for acne*. For women and men with this skin issue, the effect is deeply personal, and can wreck confidence and social satisfaction. When DIM supports clear and healthy skin, the difference is usually profound, going far beyond the improvements in the mirror*.

DIM is able to provide support for the body’s acne because of how susceptible our skin is to hormonal health. Even small imbalances can be the difference. When DIM helps the body combat estrogen imbalances that are so common today, the change to skin quality can be dramatic*. Thousands have put acne behind them with the support of this skincare supplement.

DIM Made Better Than Ever

There’s a reason why ours is the top-selling DIM supplement. Our formula is made with only the best ingredients. Each vegetable capsule contains as much DIM as two pounds of cruciferous vegetables, plus BioPerine (a black pepper extract) for complete support.

The Highest Quality

DIM 200 by Smoky Mountain Nutrition is formulated with immense attention to detail, and Third-Party Tested. Your bottle is safety-sealed, and our process is designed to give you complete confidence.


*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Made The Right Way

Every product from SM Nutrition must meet our uncompromising standards.

Our supplements are manufactured in FDA-Registered facilities that adhere to GMP guidelines. Making supplements the right way ensures you get the best every time.