DIM - Hormone Balance Supplement for Men and Women - Estrogen Metabolism, Menopause Relief, Energy & Mood - 60 Day Supply - 60 Caps

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  • FIND YOUR BALANCE - Other hormone supplements for women don’t always get the job done. Envy Nutrition’s DIM may help with PMS relief and menopause symptoms. By leveling out good and bad estrogen, it can potentially help boost energy and mood too.
  • DIM FOR THE WIN - For men DIM may aid with increased body mass and libido as well as enhanced prostate health. Our formula is one of the best on the market because it's packed with 300mg of Diindolylmethane plus BioPerine.
  • SUPER-ENHANCED ABSORPTION - BioPerine is an all-natural extract derived from black pepper. The addition of BioPerine potentially increases the body's absorption of other ingredients by up to 30 percent. The 5mg of BioPerine is the highest amount of BioPerine in any DIM product.
  • WE SAY 'NO' SO YOU CAN SAY 'YES' - Our pills have: NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO preservatives, NO soy, NO sugar, NO cholesterol, NO artificial colors or flavors, NO binders, NO fillers, and NO dairy. Oh, and we're 3rd party tested and made in the good ole USA!
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - We take pride in providing quality products which are made in the USA for our amazing customers. If you aren’t satisfied with our products for any reason please contact us immediately and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Product Description

Balanced Life

Beneficial for both Men and Women

If you don’t know where to start and feel like you have to climb a mountain climb to get your health back, stop here!! Hormone Balance is cutting edge. DIM supplement with BioPerine (black pepper extract) for great results for both men and women! DIM, also known as Diindolylmethane, is a substance formed in the body, commonly found in broccoli and Kale - It's a potent aromatase inhibitor that can benefit both men & women through its ability to approach excess estrogen!

DIM can help with healthy weight loss by balancing estrogen metabolites which helps you to shed unnecessary body fat and give you the energy to power through your workouts. Let your journey towards good health begin.

Envy Nutrition's DIM supplement is formulated to help increase the levels of good estrogen and reduce bad estrogen. Let your balanced life start from the inside out.

DIM inhibits aromatase, an enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. By limiting your body's ability to convert testosterone into harmful estrogen metabolites, you can have a more stable mood.