Davinci Laboratories - Tri-Mag 300, Magnesium Support, 120 Capsules, Vegetarian, Non-GMO Ingredients

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  • DAILY INTAKE: Tri-Mag supports your daily recommended intake of magnesium, which is difficult to achieve through a healthy diet.
  • BETTER ABSORPTION: Chelated magnesium is easily-digestible, fast-acting and more gentle on the body.*
  • BONE HEALTH: Magnesium helps the processing of calcium to support strong bones and teeth.*
  • BRAIN HEALTH: Magnesium is essential for neuromuscular contractions and critical brain functions that promote mental alertness.*
  • HEART HEALTH: Three forms of chelated magnesium help the heart maintain proper function and rhythm.*

Tri-Mag 300 is a dietary supplement that supports the recommended daily intake of Magnesium which may not be achievable through a healthy diet. Magnesium is essential to many of the body’s most important functions including heart rhythms, brain health, and calcium absorption. The Tri-Mag 300 formula combines three forms of Magnesium: Mg Taurate, Mg Glycinate, and Mg Malate into an easily digestible and fast acting capsule designed to be taken in four pills a day.*