Cramp Defense® Magnesium for Leg Cramps, Muscle Cramps & Muscle Spasms. End Them Fast and Permanently. Organic Magnesium, Non-Laxative, NO Magnesium Oxide OR Herbs! Big 180 Capsule Bottle.

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  • Only product to contain Truemag, designed specifically for cramp sufferers who need immediate and lasting relief.
  • Truemag is unique because it is a fully-reacted + organic form of magnesium, formulated for high absorption & non-laxative effect (when used as directed) -- unlike common magnesium forms like magnesium oxide
  • Fixes the root cause of muscle cramps -- magnesium deficiency. (Unlike other cramp products, such as homeopathic and vinegar-based products)
  • Superior to non-organic, non-reacted magnesium products that irritate your digestion, preventing you from absorbing the magnesium you need. Because Cramp Defense is absorbed so well, you need to take less of it than other brands.
  • Instructions: Take the lowest dose that gets you results. Best absorbed with food. Take it daily to maintain a high level of magnesium in your system. Contains 180 capsules, can last up to 6 months depending on personal dose.

Product Description

End Your Leg Cramps Fast and Permanently with Cramp Defense (Including Cramps at Night & All Other Muscle Cramps.)

Quick Summary: Why Cramp Defense?

  • Magnesium deficiency is the primary cause of muscle cramps. 

  • However, regular magnesium forms are poorly absorbed & cause digestive upset -- which causes many people to believe that magnesium doesn't work.  

  • Cramp Defense is unique because it contains Truemag, an organic form of magnesium which is highly absorbed and does not cause digestive upset, when used as directed.  

  • This means it works for your cramps fast, and permanently -- it actually gets more effective with time.  

In Depth Explanation:

According to Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, the Mayo Clinic, and other leading authorities, magnesium deficiency is the major hidden cause of muscle cramps throughout the entire body (including leg and foot cramps), and no prescription medication can fix it.  In fact, 78% of leg cramp sufferers have a severe magnesium deficiency. Without magnesium, your body is missing its most important natural defense against pain, swelling, tension and inflammation.   Studies show that aggressively fixing a magnesium deficiency can eliminate cramps and prevent them in the future.  How?

How Does it Work to Stop Cramps?

This vital mineral...

  1. Loosens muscles by counteracting the effect of calcium, which tightens muscles. As people age, excess calcium accumulates in the muscles, causing cramps (i.e. "calcification"). Also, when people eat a lot of dairy and/or take calcium supplements, (especially with Vitamin D) it is easy to get calcium overload. 

  2. Increases the absorption of potassium, which is critical for proper muscle function. 

  3. Decreases pain by blocking pain receptors in the brain and nervous system. 

  4. Dampens inflammation in the muscles and the entire body.  

  5. Relaxes blood vessels and decreases blood pressure, which restores healthy circulation. 

  6. Increases the production of serotonin, GABA and melatonin, which helps you relax and fall asleep. 

So, when you have severe cramps caused by magnesium deficiency, you can't afford to waste time and money with a less-than-perfect solution.  Cramp Defense fixes magnesium deficiency at the source, by delivering high doses of pure magnesium, safely and without side-effects. Cramp Defense is unique because it is: 

  • High-Absorbing: Many magnesium products are poorly absorbed by your body due to their chemical structure, laxative effect, and/or too many binders and coatings.

  • Fast:  It starts absorbing immediately and becomes even more effective with time.

  • Digestive Side Effect-Free:  It causes no stomach upset or laxative effect, when used as directed.

  • Weird Ingredient-Free:  It has no unnecessary vitamins, herbs, or chemicals that add nothing, and may have side effects.  

  • Easy:  Your dose comes in small capsules, not big tablets or messy powders. 

  • Safe: Simple and natural. It is manufactured in the USA in a government inspected facility.

What's in it? Will it Work for Me? Is it Safe?

  • The active ingredient is Truemag, our proprietary formulation of magnesium fully bound to malate. This "fully reacted" form of magnesium is naturally found in fruits and vegetables. (Other popular forms of magnesium don't naturally exist in food, and are sometimes entirely inorganic in origin, made from crushed-up rock.)  
  • Ensuring that the product is "fully-reacted" requires a time consuming and expensive manufactuing process. 

  • However, this process delivers the highest quality, purest form of magnesium -- with none of the residual inorganic forms of magnesium, such as oxides and hydroxides, which cause digestive upset.  

In our experience, about 80% of people get substantial results from our product. By fixing their magnesium deficiency, some have become totally free of their leg cramps; others have seen a significant decrease in the pain and/or frequency of their symptoms. This could mean that the pain is cut in half, or they only get cramps once a week instead of every night. Everyone is different. About 20% of people do not see results, even after increasing their dose and taking it for more than a month. This usually means that magnesium deficiency is not causing their problems. 

Although everyone responds differently, many people see results with their first dose. But we recommend trying it for 2 weeks to give it a full chance of working.

Although it is only magnesium and malate, natural parts of a healthy diet, please talk to your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement. Certain conditions and medications can affect how the body processes and excretes magnesium. We are not allowed to give medical advice. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist!

Ok, so How Much Should I Take? Do I Need to Take This Forever?

  • Start with 1 capsule a day, with food. ​
  • The goal is to find the smallest dose that works for you. 
  • Divide your doses between morning and night.  
Many people get results from 1 to 2 capules a day. However, some people need more. It would take 6 capsules to reach the RDA of magnesium for men; 4 capsules for women. However, depending on your weight, diet, lifestyle, and age, you may need MORE than the RDA. 

If you don't like to swallow capsules, you can open them up and mix the powder with a food like applesauce or yogurt.

If your cramps are caused by magnesium deficiency, YES, you need to constantly replenish your magnesium levels, to prevent cramps from returning. As we get older, magnesium deficiency gets more and more common, especially when you are under stress and/or exert yourself -- so it is best to always maintain a steady magnesium supply.