Bruder Moist Heat Sinus and Allergy Compress | Contoured Sinus Compress Designed to Relieve Sinus Pressure, Tension Headaches, Migraines, TMJ, Dry Eye Syndrome, Eye Irritation, Allergy Relief

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  • RELIEVE PAIN AND CONGESTION: Using most heat or cold therapy, the comfortable design and weight of the sinus pain relief compress targets the pressure points and provides the perfect amount of facial acupressure to help headache, sinus and migraine sufferers of all ages find comfort and relief
  • SOOTHING COLD THERAPY COMPRESS: Store these eye pads in the freezer for several hours prior to use to enjoy soothing sinus stress relief therapy, which helps alleviate swelling from the nasal tissue, pressure from sinuses and relaxing facial muscles
  • PATENTED MEDIBEADS TECHNOLOGY: This eye hydrating compress absorbs moisture from the air and when microwaved, the absorbed water is released as clean soothing moist heat, bringing a natural relief to congestion, migraines, and allergies
  • EASY TO USE MICROWAVABLE EYE COMPRESS: Enjoy effective moist heat treatment; simply microwave the dry eye compress for 20 seconds and apply for 10 minutes or as prescribed for a quick heat therapy with this moist heating pad
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE HEAT EYE COMPRESS FOR SINUS AND ALLERGY RELIEF: These eye pads are reusable and can be hand washed when needed

Product Description

The BRUDER Moist Heat Sinus Compress, featuring patented MediBeads technology, provides deep penetrating, temporary relief from sinus pressure and congestion by reducing swelling and opening nasal passages and sinus cavities. It also relaxes the facial muscles, alleviating the pain associated with stress and tension headaches.

• Microwave & Apply

• Freeze for Soothing Cold

• Washable & Reusable

• Doctor Recommended Relief

• Patented MediBeads Technology

• Self-Hydrating, Never Needs Water

• Non-allergenic. Non-toxic, and Latex free.


Eases Sinus Pressure

Soothes Allergy Eyes

Clears Congestion

Relieves Tension Headaches


  • MediBeads Technology
  • Deep penetrating Moist Heat from the Microwave
  • Soothing cold from the Freezer
  • No special covers required
  • Washable and Reusable


  • Features patented MediBeads technology
  • Provides clean, consistent and uniform moist heat
  • When microwaved the compress releases moist heat in a controlled an consistent manner for up to 15 minutes
  • Conforming and comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable strap keeps compress in place during treatment or may be used without strap
  • Provides therapy at temperatures that comply with medically accepted protocols


Provides therapeutic cold therapy for effective eye care treatments.

Doctor Recommended for:

Allergy Relief

Sinus Headache and Migraine relief

Reducing Inflammation and Puffiness

Reducing Post surgical swelling (Cataract, Lasik, Blepharoplasty)

Post Injection application (i.e. Botox, Fillers, etc.)

Use Keep eye residue and makeup off the mask Cleanse lashes and eyelid margins Relieve sinus pressure, tension headaches and allergy pain Soothes irritated eyes and reduce inflammation
Description Use Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Sheets to keep makeup and eye secretions from your compress during treatment. Ideal for makeup wearers and blepharitis sufferers. A 0.02% Pure hypochlorous acid spray solution offers relief from eye irritations and contact lens discomfort by combating bacterial growth on eyelids and lashes. This microwave activated moist heat compress is perfect for relieving sinus pressure, tension headaches and other sinus related discomfort. This cold therapy compress helps reduce inflammation and swelling of the eyes. An excellent allergy relief and post-surgical mask.
Features The micro-fine sheets allow moisture to pass through without the sheet breaking down. Enhances moisture and can be used to whisk away eye secretions after a moist heat treatment. Helps reduce the need for frequent washing. A daily lid hygiene routine is important to eye wellness. The proprietary, pure hypochlorous acid solution contains no alcohol, oil, parabens, sulfates and other preservatives or bleach impurities making it gentle enough for daily use Microwave and apply for fast acting relief. The compress is washable and reusable. Can be used for soothing cold therapy from the freezer. Features non-gel cold therapy technology. The compress is double sealed for durability and will stay soft and flexible from the freezer. Can be easily stored in the freezer between uses and is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.
Size 35 Pack - Individually wrapped cleaning sheets - 3 1/2" x 7-7/8" Available in two sizes. 1 fl oz (30mL) and 2 fl oz (60mL) 8 3/4” x 5 1/2” facial mask 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" compress with securing straps.