Arthriten Inflammatory Pain Formula Caplets 28 Count, with 3 Active Ingredients for Maximum Pain Relief: Aspirin, Acetaminophen & Caffeine

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  • MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF: Maximum Strength Arthriten offers relief from minor arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle aches, and mobility discomfort. For pain relief that single ingredient formulas may not provide, experience the multi-symptom relief of Arthriten.
  • DEPENDABLE & LONG-LASTING: Arthriten provides hour-after-hour of dependable pain relief from minor arthritis pain symptoms of joint pain, muscle aches & mobility pain. For dependable relief that lasts for up to six hours, choose Maximum Strength Arthriten.
  • EASY SWALLOW CAPS: Maximum Strength Arthriten comes in coated speedcaps for an easy-to-swallow formula. Each 2-caplet dose contains 2 maximum strength pain relievers, plus an ingredient to help them work faster and better.
  • LEADING PRODUCER: Alva-Amco is a leading U.S. Producer of specialty non-prescription pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and skin care products. Alva-Amco has a history of product innovation, quality & consumer satisfaction in over the counter products.
  • INCOMPARABLE RELIEF: Compare the dependable relief of Maximum Strength Arthriten to freeze, Advil, Outback, Penetrex, bioschwartz, Bayer, basic care, goodsense, gericare, BC, physicians care, medi-first, Tylenol, Excedrin, Motrin, Aleve, or Hylands.

Arthriten Inflammatory Pain Formula Caplets, 28 Count