Areds 2 Eye Vitamins (Clinically Proven LuteMax 2020) Lutein and Zeaxanthin Supplement, Supports Eye Strain, Dry Eye and Vision Health, 2 Award Winning Eye Ingredients Plus Bilberry Extract

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  • AREDS 2 EYE & VISION SUPPORT: Our doctor-approved eye supplement with clinically proven Lutemax 2020 is based off the well-known National Eye Institute AREDS 2 and AREDS 1 studies. Our expert formulators analyzed the studies to combine their results with our own internal research to come up with our unique eye health and eye strain support formula to keep your eyes and vision at their maximum health.
  • COMPUTER SCREEN EYE STRAIN & VISION SUPPLEMENT: We’ve included the top eye vitamins to help support your eyes including lutein and zeaxanthin. Our vision supplement contains two award-winning Ingredients, Lutemax 2020 and black pepper extract Bioperine, which is a patented ingredient providing significantly enhanced absorption of numerous nutrients, including Vitamin C. This premium eye health formula is VEGAN-SAFE and contains 60 Veggie Capsules.
  • COMBAT BLUE LIGHT SCREEN OVERUSE & MOBILE SCREEN EYE FATIGUE: The B.L.U.E. Study showed that macular carotenoids from Lutemax 2020 supplementation have beneficial effects on vision health, performance, sleep quality, and can reduce occasional eye strain and fatigue from long exposure to blue light-emitting digital screens. Our eye health formula supports ALL THREE MACULAR CAROTENOIDS.
  • EYE & VISION VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT: Contains Lutein 20 mg and Zeaxanthin 4 mg in the heavily studied 5:1 ratio in the form of Lutemax. Our doctor-approved formula includes vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, vitamin B12, zinc, copper, bilberry extract, grape seed extract, and black pepper extract to enhance absorption.
  • SAFETY ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY: Our eye health formula is 3rd-party tested for purity and manufactured in the USA using imported and domestic ingredients in an cGMP compliant facility. Our eye supplement is great for women and men. Our vision supplement is made with carefully-selected, premium ingredients, and contains NO: Unnecessary binders, soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, shellfish or preservatives.

Product Description

* These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Clear Vision, Clear Results

Physician’s Choice Eye Health Supplement is made with ingredients based on the well-known AREDS 2 (Age-Related Eye Disease) Study, along with patented and award-winning LuteMax 2020 to support healthy eyes and maintain healthy vision.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Blue Light is Unavoidable

  • Our eyes go through a lot during the average day.
  • The ingredients in our Eye Health Supplement can help reduce the negative impact of our eyes' daily exposures.

Vision Loss With Age

  • 1 and 3 Americans will face some kind of reduction in quality of vision by age 65.
  • Our Eye Health Supplement blend contains ingredients that are shown to promote vision quality, even as we age.

No More Itchy Eyes

  • Common environmental factors can affect how well our eyes see and physically feel.
  • In addition to improve vision quality, our Eye Health Supplement helps promote and maintain eye moisture.