Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker with Immune Support - Hair Loss Supplements, High Potency Saw Palmetto, Green Tea & Probiotics, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian - 120-count Bottle - 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee

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  • GET HEALTHY RESULTS: GROW THICKER FULLER HAIR AND REDUCE HAIR FALL in 90 days!: Are you dealing with hair loss and thinning hair on the top of your head, crown, or frontal hair line? If so, you probably have too much DHT impacting your hair follicles. You need the DHT BLOCKER with Immune Support.
  • CLINICALLY DEVELOPED DHT BLOCKER FOR THINNING HAIR: our formula is completely Unique and developed for MEN and WOMEN losing hair due to DHT, hormonal changes, stress, and digestive problems. Only DHT Blocker powerful dht blocking herbs and probiotic, prebiotics.
  • STOP HAIR LOSS AND NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE: The Advanced Trichology line was developed in our own top rated hair loss treatment centers. Our hair loss supplements have been scientifically tested in our clinics on thousands of male and female hair loss clients with Amazing Success.
  • MADE IN USA, QUALITY AND CERTIFIED PURE in Independent Testing. cGMP. Free of Gluten, Free of Wheat, and Vegetarian.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE from 120 days of purchase. We want you to try and love our product Risk Free! If you do not love the DHT Blocker, send it back, and we will refund every penny of your purchase price. #1 Top Product for DHT Blockers by Trichology dot com 2019

Product Description

Clinically Developed DHT Blocker for Men and Women to Support Hair Regrowth


The DHT Blocker with Immune Support was created to address common problems that no other DHT Blocker Supplement can address. Numerous ancillary health issues can impact a person’s hair growth beyond DHT such as; stress, malabsorption, poor diet, medications, fungus, and bacteria. Our Proprietary formula is the only nutritional supplement that can address them all. Directions: Take (2) two capsules in the morning and (2) two capsules at night with food to experience the results. For people who are more sensitive, you may start with (1) one in the morning and (1) one a night with food. 

  • MAXIMUM HAIR GROWTH BENEFITS: The DHT Blocker with Immune Support is specifically designed to Block DHT (dy-hydro-testosterone), Improve Digestion, Improve Nutrient Absorption, and Boost Your Immune System to Grow More Hair. Our powerful natural formula was scientifically developed in America’s most effective hair loss Institute for improved hair growth for both Men and Women.  
  • MORE THAN JUST A POWERFUL DHT BLOCKER: The DHT Blocker with Immune Support is totally Unique and is the only hair loss supplement EVER to combine the most potent DHT Blockers with antioxidants and proven clinical digestive support.

Best for Women who:  Hair Loss began after age 30, hair loss began after taking birth control or hormone replacement therapy, has a family history of hair loss including men or women with hair loss, and/or hair loss is exclusively on the top scalp. Is this you? Then get started today! ​

SPECIFIC RESULTS FOR WOMEN: Supports Fuller Healthy Hair Growth, DHT Blocker for Women, Supports Hormonal Health, Support Improved Metabolism, and Decreases Bloating.

Best for Men who: Hair Loss occurred after age 17, has a family history of hair loss including men or women with hair loss, and/or hair loss is exclusively on the top scalp in the typical male pattern loss area. Is this you? Then get started today! ​

SPECIFIC RESULTS FOR MEN: Supports Fuller Healthy Hair Growth, DHT Blocker For Men, Supports Prostate Health, Increases effectiveness of medical DHT Blockers, and Support Balanced Digestion.

“I have been developing Advanced Trichology Products in my Clinics for 15 Years.

I have specifically developed the DHT Blocker to be the most Powerful and Effective DHT Blocker Supplement available to date.

No matter what, my goal is simple. It’s to provide you with a hair loss solution that works.

William Gaunitz WTS
Certified Trichologist
Founder Advanced Trichology

Advanced Trichology Products have a Commitment to Clear RESULTS!

Advanced Trichology products have produced remarkable results on thousands of men and women since 2002 inside Evolution Hair Loss Institute.

Each product has been painstakingly tested and refined to contain the purest and most effective ingredients without compromise. 

ALL WE DO IS REGROW HAIR! We have a Complete Line of Hair Growth Products.


  • Produce the best results
  • With the least effort
  • In the most healthful way
  • For both Men and Women
If you have been experiencing thinning hair and are looking for products trusted by celebrities and top Trichologists, you need to get started with the Advanced Trichology System today.